Remote monitoring

Because safety & continuity are everything

Remote monitoring by Cumulocity IoT and autosen

Keep business flowing with remote monitoring, made easy

The simplest way to view your sensor data online

remote monitoring

Put sensors to work where people can’t. Remote Monitoring by Cumulocity IoT and autosen, is the easiest way to monitor your equipment safely, remotely and avoid disruption to your business.

6,000 sensors from over 200 manufacturers in less than one minute in our cloud. Real Plug & Play: The all-in-one solution with IO-Link gateway & cloud access. From €5 per month

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What you get

  • io-key

    • Intelligent, IO-Link compatible IoT gateway
    • Wireless connection across Europe via NB-IoT
    • Genuine Plug & Play thanks to IO-Link

    • Your sensor data online in 20 seconds
    • Manufacturer-independent compatibility with over 6,000 sensors
    • Administer your own dashboards and functions
  • IoT-Flatrate

    • Sensor data flat rate from €5 a month
    • Germany’s first IoT flat rate
    • 100% transparent + full cost control

’’Amazing! It’s a disruptive technology!’’

See what else Bernd Gross, CTO Software AG, thinks about the io-key in the following video:

Discover the easiest way to display sensor data online…

remote monitoring

io-key Plug & Play industrial IoT gateway

Waterproof and dustproof with IP65 rating

SIM card onboard wireless connection across Europe via NB-IoT + 2G

2x M12 IO-Link ports for Plug & Play commissioning

24V DS, M12

See your sensor data in the cloud in just 3 simple steps

remote monitoring plug'n'play

1 Connect io-key to power supply

Connect the io-key to the mains via a 24 V power supply.

2 Connect IO-Link sensor

Connect any IO-Link compatible sensor to the io-key via a connection cable.

3 Register at

Your io-key is connected to automatically and you have instance access to your individual dashboard.

Special offer!

The autosen IoT cloud, powered by Cumulocity IoT

remote monitoring

Secure self-service cloud app

Dashboard with individual sensor data display

Responsive view across desktop, tablet and mobile

io-key location overview

Reporting and export functions

Email and text alerting

The IoT Flatrate: Predictable costs for any application

Once a day

For daily retrieval:

- Filling levels
- Threshold values

1x / day
Values of all sensors connected to the io-key are read once a day and transferred to the cloud

€5 / month

Once an hour

For hourly retrieval:

- States
- Temperature values

1x / hour
Values of all devices connected to the io-key are read and transferred to the cloud every hour

€7.50 / month


Every minute

For frequent retrieval:

- Process values
- Machine data
- Position querying

1x / minute
Values of all devices connected to the io-key are read and transferred to the cloud every minute

€12.50 / month

Every 10 seconds

For critical retrieval:

- Material states
- Predictive maintenance
- Sensor switching

1x / 10 seconds
Values of all devices connected to the io-key are read and transferred to the cloud every 10 seconds

€17.50 / month

Put sensors to work where people can’t. Remote Monitoring by Cumulocity IoT and autosen, is the easiest way to monitor your equipment safely, remotely and avoid disruption to your business.


free io-key

Get free io-key*

just pay for the sensors and data plan

*Applies to the first 100 orders in Europe using coupon code SWAG2020.

A maximum of one io-key IoT gateway is free per order.

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Remote monitoring simplified with ready-to-go bundles

  • Monitor temperatures

    Ensure the temperature of key process equipment—like steam generators, industrial heaters and freezers—is monitored closely to avoid breakdown. Get alerted to potential issues based on current and historical trends to trigger automated responses that need no human intervention.
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  • Measure pressure

    Whether it’s steam for equipment sterilization or compressed air for pneumatic processes, early warning of pressure drops allows you to avoid catastrophic consequences. Know when there’s a potential problem to take action immediately. “Be there” without “being there.”
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  • Check fill levels

    With the io-key, a wireless gateway, autosen provides the perfect solution for exactly this problem. Simply select the matching sensor for your application, connect to the io-key and you can query your filling level in the cloud.
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  • Predict maintenance

    Vibrations are an essential indicator of the operational performance of motors, pumps and fans. With continuous real-time monitoring, you’ll know the instant your system stops running smoothly, ensuring that on-site visits are only conducted when absolutely necessary.
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  • Customize solutions

    Combine measurement points for an accurate view of a situation. Aggregate current and historical measurements, visualize and create alerts in one click to watch over any situation at hand. Grow the sophistication of your monitoring solution by working with our team of experts.
    More info

Order today, monitor tomorrow

  • Order

    Order the io-key gateway and sensors at and expect delivery the next working day.

  • Connect

    Connect the autosen io-key gateway to a 24V power supply and to the sensors.

  • Monitor

    Register at and start seeing your sensor data on your individual dashboard on

Simply & intelligently connected thanks to IO-Link

remote monitoring

Reliable digital sensor communications

Manufacturer-independent compatibility with over 6,000 IO-Link devices

Automatic identification of all IO-Link sensor via IODD interface

See sensor data instantly on the dashboard automatically

View all IO-Link sensors

Don’t just take our word for it

remote monitoring

Customer success stories

autosen supplies thousands of companies worldwide with high-quality industrial sensor systems and connection technology.

Take a quick look at a small selection of our customers.

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remote monitoring

Expertise and resources

Explanations of technical terms, technical resources and useful facts in the areas of sensor, connection and automation technology.

Get an overview of the measuring systems, review product specific instructions and exploit operating guides.

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Discover Cumulocity IoT

remote monitoring

Open. Rapid. Distributed.

Cumulocity IoT is the #1 self-service platform for building Internet of Things solutions at low cost and often without coding.

You can connect and manage any asset and analyze any amount of data automatically and in real time.

Ideal for field service applications, optimizing plant operations and increasing equipment uptime on the Internet of Things.

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