How to use the diagram

Please try out the interactive features of this diagram! Use the toggle button on top to display product names over the capability description. Use mouse over any architecture component to display further details about the capability or product. Also, when product names are visible, click on the product to open the details page for the product.

What does this architecture show?

This diagram shows the fundamental components and products offered by Software AG in the area of IoT, Analytics, Integration, and API Management.

The main purpose of this architecture is to give you a visual summary of the major high-level capabilities, and to show how these map to Software AG products. The diagram is neither showing all capabilities nor all products that Software AG offers. For example, business transformation capabilities offered by ARIS are not shown. Please refer to the ‘Products A-Z’ page on for a comprehensive list of products.

Capabilities or products from Software AG are shown as boxes with blue borders in the middle of the architecture diagram, surrounded by non-Software AG components.

The left side depicts ‘in-house’ components our customers currently own or operate, being installed either on-premise, in a private cloud, or on the edge. One also finds Internet of Things (IoT) assets there, including devices and gateways (which then connect to the devices).

The right side shows external parties a business typically interacts with, in particular customers, suppliers, and partners (including government and other official authorities). You will also find SaaS (software as a service) offerings of third parties you subscribe to, which may also include PaaS (platform as a service)-like offerings such as DBaaS (database as a service). Additionally, we have depicted data-related functions like business intelligence tools (BI) and historians (e.g., for process industries) which are often utilized in customer use cases.

The middle area contains Software AG components or products (depending on the view selected) and comprises two horizontal sections:

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS): This section includes all offerings Software AG provides as Software as a Service for the Integration, API, IoT, and Analytics domains. (Additional SaaS offerings on belong to the domain Business Transformation)
  2. On-Premise & Edge Deployment: This section depicts similar products or capabilities as the SaaS section, but are deployed either directly on customer premises, on the edge, or in private clouds.

The connecting lines show the main flows of data essentially rendering this a data-flow architecture. Among other factors, the actual data flow will of course depend on the products employed. For example, if a customer decides not to use the «Managed File Transfer» capability, «files» would be directly connected to the «Integration & Messaging» capability.

Furthermore, this is a reference architecture illustrating typical deployments of Software AG technology with its major and most characteristic communication links. Individual installations will therefore deviate from this reference architecture only for good and sound (architectural) reasons (but we know that this may very well be the case).

Note that this architecture focuses on run-time aspects of our portfolio. That implies that governance and design-time related capabilities and products of the Business Transformation domain, ARIS and Alfabet, are not included here.

Where do I get more information?

For an introduction to the various components shown in the architecture, please have a look at the following short tutorial.