How to use the diagram

Please try out the interactive features of this diagram! Use the toggle button on top to display product names over the capability description. In the product view, mouse over any architecture component to display further details about the product. Also, click on the product to open the details page for the product.

What does this architecture show?

This diagram shows the fundamental components and products offered by Software AG in the area of Business Transformation (‘BT’). Other areas like Integration and IoT are covered in separate architectures.

The main purpose of this architecture is to give you a visual summary of the major high-level capabilities, and to show how these map to Software AG products.

Capabilities are shown as light-blue, filled boxes in the middle of the architecture diagram.

Business Transformation includes strictly business-related activities (e.g., business strategy mapping), strictly IT-related activities (e.g., IT portfolio management), and activites that are a mixture of the two, e.g. Information Goverance and Business/IT alignment. The Architecture very roughly sorts the capabilities with Business on top and IT at the bottom.

The ARIS product family is rooted in business activities and reaches ‘down’ to IT, while Alfabet is rooted in IT and reaches ‘up’ to business. There is a healthy overlap in the middle, including but not limited to Enterprise Architecture Management.

In contrast to the architecture for Integration and IoT, this diagram does not vizualize different deployment options, like SaaS and on-premise deployment. This is because deployment is not a strong differentiator here: Nearly all products and capablities are available in both SaaS and individually deployed variants. Please contact Software AG to find the deployment option that suits your needs.

Software AG is happy to work with you on an individual solution architecture that suits your specific requirements.