How to use the diagram

Please try out the interactive features of this diagram! Use the toggle button on top to display product names over the capability description. In the product view, mouse over any architecture component to display further details about the product. Also, click on the product to open the details page for the product.

What does this architecture show?

This diagram shows the fundamental components and products offered by Software AG for Adabas and Natural. In addition, it displays integration components that include capabilities to integrate with legacy / mainframe. Other areas like ‘Business Transformation’ are covered in separate architectures.

The main purpose of this architecture is to give you a visual summary of the major high-level capabilities, and to show how these map to Software AG products. The diagram is neither showing all capabilities nor all products that Software AG offers; in fact there are multiple times as many fine-granular capabilities available for this area alone. Please refer to the ‘Products A-Z’ page on for a comprehensive list of products.

Capabilities and products from Software AG are shown as boxes with blue borders in the middle of the architecture diagram, surrounded by non-Software AG components. The left side depicts ‘in-house’ components our customers currently own or operate. The right side shows external parties a business typically interacts with, in particular customers, suppliers, and partners (including government and other official authorities).

The red dividers indicate the systems on which the components operate. In this architecture, the focus is on differentiating between legacy (Mainframe) and non-legacy (Linux, Unix, Windows) environments. Importantly, the core components ‘Adabas’ and ‘Natural’ are available for both legacy and non-legacy. Also, Software offers a comprehensive set of services supporting ‘re-hosting’, that is moving systems from legacy to non-legacy.

Software AG provides comprehensive and mature capabilities for developing, source code management, testing, continuous integration, and deployment; supporting the demands of an agile DevOps approach. Those capabilities are summarized on a very high level in the green ‘Development’ area.

The bottom of the diagram contains a set of legacy-specific capabilities like zIIP™ Offloading and TP Monitoring.

The connecting lines show the main flows of data essentially rendering this a data-flow architecture. Among other factors, the actual data flow will of course depend on the products employed.

Software AG is happy to work with you on an individual solution architecture that suits your specific requirements.