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Perfect IT portfolio management and help drive the right investment decisions now and in the future. Deliver best practices for collecting, connecting and assessing data to support both IT and business decision making.

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Alfabet Cloud combines best-practice portfolio management with state-of-the-art cloud technology.

See the forest for the trees

The path to becoming a digital business is complex and difficult to navigate. How to keep up with all the technologies you have now and plan for new ones? Portfolio Management can help you organize your information and see all your IT assets clearly. Use it to help make the important decisions–like how to evolve the IT landscape–to support your digital business. Optimize portfolios to clear away the clutter and improve enterprise agility.

See the forest for the trees

Portfolio-thinking is business-thinking

Business managers have long learned to observe individual LOB performance, strategies and characteristics to ensure they are in sync with each other in order to make investment, divestment and hold decisions. Likewise, IT managers should use a portfolio approach to assess assets, returns and risks in the IT landscape to derive top value from IT investments.

Portfolio-thinking is business-thinking

Integrated portfolios enable "whole view" management

Understand the interdependencies among your portfolios–application, project and business capabilities–to make better-informed decisions concerning IT change and plan its impact on your enterprise. By associating application and project costs with business capabilities, you can match IT spending to business drivers to get a 360-degree, integrated view of your enterprise.

Integrated portfolios enable "whole view" management

Set the pace for change

Different systems support different functional areas of the business. From business innovation to a particular market segment, from the back office to a customer-facing app–each system requires unique changes on its own timeline. With a portfolio setup, you can easily group systems as per the needed rate of change and tailor assessment criteria accordingly.

Set the pace for change

Why use Alfabet?

Immediately impact your organization with our IT portfolio management solution:


Streamline IT for digital success and overcome the lack of IT agility that’s holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Mergers & acquisitions

Bring new teams on board easily and provide the transparency and methodology needed in the pre-acquisition due diligence phase as well as the post-acquisition integration phase.

Technology innovation

Portfolio management facilitates identification of new technologies and IT assets and roadmaps their usage.

Cloud planning & management

Develop a cloud strategy and ways of measuring and monitoring its implementation.


Ensuring Business Continuity White Paper

Using Alfabet for a sustainable IT risk management program will reduce the chance of risk event loss and provide a basis for a cost-effective and sustainable risk management program.


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