In our latest release, we introduced new features and updated a few existing ones. Here is a list of the changes we made to Integration in this release:

Workflow Versioning: We made a small but important change to Projects. With workflow versioning, you can now save versions of your workflows. What does the mean? Whenever you make changes to your workflow and save it, a new version will be created. The best part is that you can restore any version whenever you want and save it as the latest version.

For more information, read our documentation on <a href="” target=_blank">Projects.

Folder Support: With this update, you can now implement role-based access control for the projects to determine which user can access which project.

Nested Loop: With Nested Loop, you can now create loop within loop. With the help of this functionality, you can also build complex workflows. There is no limit on the number of loops you can add.

Read our documentation to learn how to configure a nested loop with the help of an example.

Multiple Authentication: While creating an account, the user associates only one connection type or authentication scheme with an account. Some SaaS providers, such as Salesforce CRM, offer multiple authentication options to access their APIs; with Multi Auth, Integration allows you to select different authentication types for the same application while creating an account.

To understand how OAuth V2.0 authentication works, read our documentation on <a href="” target=_blank">Multiple Authentication.

Keep watching this space for updates on new features releases.