webMethods Integration Cloud is now webMethods.io Integration. What can you expect from the new product?

  1. Faster implementation of SaaS applications
  2. Lower TCO by eliminating maintenance and upgrades
  3. Self-service integration

In this post, I will walk you through the highlights and features that we have introduced on the platform to make application integration simpler, smoother, and more approachable.

Here are some of the highlights:

webMethods.io Integration is a solution for Business and IT:

With webMethods.io Integration, our focus was to develop a product that is easy to understand and use for all users. We believe that everybody should be able to get the most out of their SaaS applications without having to depend on the technical experts. With the revamp of our platform, we can proudly say that we have achieved this.

Now, we didn’t forget about enterprise and IT needs; they can now standardize on single integration technology, eliminate data silos, and reduce integration backlogs by enabling more people to build integrations.

For more information about how to create a hybrid integration strategy, read our white paper.

Your entire organization can now benefit from cloud-to-cloud integration

Yes, you heard that right. Today’s workforce is dependent on numerous SaaS applications like, Marketo, Salesforce, Gmail, ServiceNow, etc. To increase productivity and reduce the time spent on manual tasks, webMethods.io Integration has brought all of these applications together on one platform to allow the data to flow seamlessly from one application to another.

Professionals can deploy integrations to the cloud

Professional developers can now build integration projects in a full-featured Eclipse™-based environment and deploy them directly into webMethods.io Integration. They can also deploy their existing on-premises assets to the cloud.

webMethods.io Integration Features:

Listed below are some of the salient features of the all-new webMethods.io Integration.

  • Easy to build & organize workflows: webMethods.io Integration has simplified the building of workflows for all set of users, including non-developers. Users can also choose to include some of the Integration Cloud connectors in the workflows thereby catering to their enterprise use cases with ease. Concept of ‘Projects’ has been included to help organize the workflows better.
  • New and Enhanced Mapper: The new enhanced Data mapper allows you to intuitively map and transform the data fields with ease, supporting the most complex of the integration scenarios.
  • Custom Connectors via Node.js: webMethods.io Integration allows you to build custom connectors via the Community Connector - CLI model. These connectors can be built by any user using Node.js language.
  • Enhanced Application Monitoring: webMethods.io Integration provides a rich set of monitoring capabilities including workflow execution and credit usage statistics, audit & activity logging and alert rules.

To learn more about our features, keep watching this space.

Are you a new webMethods.io Integration user? Send us your queries via our in-app conversation tool, Intercom or drop us an email at support-wmio@softwareag.com.

webMethods.io Integration is just the beginning which will certainly accelerate the pace of innovation making Digital Transformation smooth for the customers.