webMethods.io Integration is excited to announce the availability of a new set of features aimed to simplify and supercharge your integrations.

Along with the brand new product designed to make your life easier, Software AG has included several new features to make your daily business processes a breeze. The new capabilities include an easy-to-use visual interface, sophisticated application orchestration, 200+ connectors, multi-tenant architecture, on-premise connectivity, cloud deployment, and more!

Here is a brief explanation about these features:

  • Easy-to-use interface: Easily design and deploy complex workflows using the intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface. The simple UI makes it possible for even business users to turn into integration wizards.
  • Sophisticated orchestration: Connect on-premise systems, cloud applications, and devices to automate processes and synchronize data in real-time. The advanced orchestration capability lets users manage all their integrations from a centralized location.
  • Application connectors: Build customized workflows by creating your own permutations and combinations. Choose from a list of 200+ connectors.
  • Multi-tenant architecture: Share a single development execution environment with multiple tenants while each has their own production environment.
  • On-premises connectivity: Create secure cloud-to-on-premises integrations without having to open up firewall ports, using webMethods.io Integration Server.
  • Cloud Deployment: Develop on-premises and deploy in the cloud. Build integration projects in a full-featured Eclipse-based environment and deploy them into webMethods.io Integration.

With this latest release, webMethods.io Integration is helping accelerate error-free production cycles and minimize operating costs. The new features are available to all users, regardless of the plan. Our team is working hard to build more innovative features to supercharge your integrations in the coming months. Become integration pro with the all-new webMethods.io Integration!

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