At Integration, our team is always hard at work building new functionality and features to delight our users. We are eager for you to try our latest feature, Custom Actions. You may have noticed a shiny new “Add” button while selecting an action for some connectors. It allows you to add custom actions for the selected connector and is available to all users who are currently under the trial or paid plans.


An Overview of the Feature:

As you already know, Integration provides numerous actions under each connector to help you automate your workflows. Now with the introduction of Custom Actions, you have the option to create your own custom actions for performing specific tasks. Further, you can perform additional actions on these newly created custom actions. Getting started with Custom Actions is very easy and only takes a few clicks. Once you have created a custom action, you may choose to edit or delete it from your workflow canvas. We think you will like this latest addition to our platform. Understand how to work with Custom Actions or log in to your account now to take it for a spin.

Custom Actions vs Custom Actions with Node.js

While Custom Actions lets you easily create operations for a specific connector using Integration’s intuitive UI, the Node.js block enables you to create an action from scratch by inserting custom code in the action builder. Refer to our Documentation site to read more.

Custom Actions

Custom Actions with Node.js

Or check out the video tutorial on types of actions available on YouTube.