New integration of technologies can help optimize business processes and their rollout across an organization

Darmstadt, Germany — Software AG (Frankfurt MDAX® SOW) announced that its ARIS solution integrates with SAP® Enable Now, to help businesses make their processes more efficient and easier to implement. ARIS is a leading process management and optimization tool. SAP Enable Now helps organizations adapt processes digitally and share knowledge internally through documentation and training support. The integration of ARIS with SAP Enable Now will help organizations identify where they need to make changes and then implement improvements quickly and easily.

The integration of ARIS with SAP Enable Now offers a high-performance, value-driven solution to help educate a workforce in a dynamic digital environment. A simplified interface between the two applications enables synchronization of business process models and the associated documentation, providing users with an easy and flexible way to make relevant changes.

Some of the interface’s specific advantages include:

  • Automatic management of files and links, rather than the more time-consuming option of manually moving them
  • Significant time savings when updating processes and related documentation such as following process enhancement
  • Simplified documentation administration and maintenance

The data exchange between ARIS and SAP Enable Now helps end users, such as the employees of an organization, to be better accounted for in the adaptation and development of new processes.

Marc Vietor, General Manager of ARIS at Software AG, elaborates: “Successful implementation of SAP solutions or a migration to SAP S/4HANA® hinges on the acceptance of end users. The integration of ARIS with SAP Enable Now gives every employee the opportunity to be part of this transformation. Empowering these individuals and encouraging cultural change alongside digital transformation is what gives organizations a greater chance of success.”