Company proposes stable dividend of €0.76 at Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

With the strength of our business model and the progress we’ve made in executing our Helix strategy, we’re pleased to be able to propose a stable dividend and reward our shareholders for their ongoing support of our transformation,” CEO Sanjay Brahmawar said.

The financial strength of our company permits us to invest equally in future growth and to allow our shareholders to participate in the Company's success. We have full confidence in our growth strategy and are pleased to maintain the dividend disbursement at a very attractive level,“ CFO Dr. Matthias Heiden said.

Based on the approximately 74.0 million dividend-bearing shares, the total disbursement sum remains unchanged at €56.2 million. In relation to the 2020 year-end closing price (Xetra closing price on Dec. 30, 2020: €33.34), this proposal corresponds to a dividend yield of 2.28 percent (2019: 2.44 percent).

Annual Shareholders‘ MeetingSoftware AG's Annual Shareholders‘ Meeting will be held as a virtual event on May 12, 2021.