Software AG (Frankfurt MDAX: SOW) today announced Swift Labs, a Canadian-based wireless and IoT product design partner, has joined its PowerUp Partner Program. Through the strategic partnership, customers will gain access to Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform and Swift Labs’ cellular hardware platform powered by “Design Blocks”, to help simplify and rapidly deploy IoT initiatives with the support of real-time, user-friendly operational dashboards and analytics.

“Software AG shares our vision that IoT has unlimited potential – enabling companies to unleash their vision and drive the creation of innovative products and business models,” said Mike Brown, Senior Director, Technology and Solutions Architecture at Swift Labs. “Cumulocity IoT helps us showcase that our cellular platform can accelerate time to market and provide significant cost savings to customers in a visually appealing manner. We look forward to working with Software AG to develop products and custom integrated solutions that bring value to customers for years to come.”

Partnering with Swift Labs will enable Software AG customers to launch optimized, low power cellular IoT solutions quickly. With cellular hardware designed to support a variety of applications, including those needed in hazardous environments, Swift Lab’s Design Blocks hardware make it possible for customers to dependably view data in real-time through LTE-M & NB-IoT networks to the Cumulocity IoT platform. With pre-integrated device connectivity and Cumulocity IoT’s low code platform, customers of this partnership can rapidly spin up new, market ready IoT solutions and services. With the inherent security and scalability provided by both Swift Labs and Cumulocity IoT, customers can innovate with confidence and capitalize on their IoT strategies faster.

Swift Labs joined the Software AG PowerUp Partner Program thanks to the ease of implementation, alignment on target markets, and third-party validation that its IoT sensors can accelerate the time to market and provide end-to-end service from design, testing, and delivery. Through joint IoT implementations with Software AG, Swift Labs intends to significantly increase its sales of its wireless IoT cellular platform in 2020.

“With our Cumulocity IoT platform and the Swift Labs cellular hardware platform, we can provide innovators with the tools they need to build IoT solutions faster. We free them from the heavy coding and integration challenges that accompany many IoT initiatives. Essentially, we do the heavy lifting so that our customers can turn their real-time insights into new revenue streams” said Scott Little, Senior Vice President, Sales, Americas, Software AG. “For many organizations, IoT is seen as an imperative part of their business’s future success, and we look forward to working with Swift Labs to helping our customers unlock new opportunities, improve operational efficiency, and increase their customers’ satisfaction.”