IT landscapes are becoming more complicated and harder to understand; making it difficult for your organization to enhance IT-driven business decision-making.

So how can you reduce time-to-market and speed up the delivery of new products and services?

Live life in the fast lane with Software AG’s quick and easy IT portfolio management service in the cloud! Alfabet FastLane is a software-as-a-service solution for easy IT portfolio management (ITPM) in the cloud.

Alfabet FastLane requires no set-up, configuration or training. Product navigation is intuitive, loading portfolio data is straight-forward and the analyses needed to direct decisions are delivered out-of-the box. You can easily navigate through the ready-to-go reports and dashboards for fast access to important facts about your IT portfolio, thus considerably reducing the complexity of IT portfolio management tools.

Here are some key features:

  • Quick set-up delivers value fast: Pure Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, zero configuration and implementation is needed. Delivers value quickly and easily with pre-defined business questions, reports, roles and simplified, guided data upload. You can focus on building your enterprise repository, instead of tool configuration - gaining instantly meaningful, actionable IT insights for improved business support.
  • Complex IT portfolio management made easy: Manages business, application, information and technology portfolios in one easy-to-use interface. FastLane offers immediate insight into the level of data governance and completeness across portfolios, in order to highlight potential problem areas and gaps in architecture understanding.
  • Business questions answered: Relates IT portfolio management to business outcomes for a successful ITPM practice that delivers real value. Provides answers to business-relevant questions to help analyze portfolio and gain instant insights - using pre-configured reports and executive-ready graphical dashboards.
  • Frequent innovation cycles: Bi-weekly product updates delivering new features developed in collaboration with Alfabet FastLane customers.

The Alfabet product portfolio has consistently been ranked as a leader by analysts for enterprise architecture and IT portfolio management solutions, shaping the market for integrated portfolio management for over a decade. Alfabet FastLane is built on best practices and a proven methodology based on years of experience. Alfabet FastLane is fully extensible into Alfabet’s Enterprise-grade solution.

By Corina Weber__