Software AG (Frankfurt MDAX: SOW) today announced its Cumulocity IoT platform is rated a leading vendor amongst 20 IoT vendors in MachNation’s 2019 IoT Application Enablement Scorecard (January 2019). Cumulocity IoT has received this rating for the fifth year in a row. Among the 20 vendors rated, Software AG received the highest total score across a set of requirements spanning four distinct categories (develop, deploy, operate, and extend).

The report identified the following key highlights of the Cumulocity IoT platform:

“Strong application development and enablement features”

With an effective vendor-provided web application development SDK, customers are empowered to create their own AngularJS monitoring and operations interfaces that can be hosted and managed directly in the platform.

“Excellent device management capabilities, including strong support for LWM2M”

Device management capabilities, a distinct area of strength for the Cumulocity IoT platform, are both broad and deep. Typical features such as device onboarding/sunsetting, device maintenance, and remote diagnostics are all present.

“Excellent platform management tools”

Software AG provides a highly effective suite of on-platform interfaces to manage nearly all aspects of the AEP solution. Other platform features such as user and tenant administrator, event processing rules, audit trails, and multi-factor authentication settings are all logically and effectively exposed.*

MachNation is the only firm exclusively dedicated to testing and researching IoT platforms, middleware, and services in its hands-on IoT platform test. According to the MachNation report: “The IoT application enablement space has continued to grow into one of the most critical technology sectors of the Internet of Things… Enterprises realize that a well-built IoT AEP saves significant development time and money in the creation and operation of an IoT solution.“

Bernd Gross, CTO of Software AG noted: “Today, we are at a turning point for IoT. Businesses around the world recognize that they need to develop a comprehensive IoT strategy - and that an IoT platform is an essential component in its delivery. Early pioneers are already seeing a return on their investment, increasing operational efficiencies, introducing new business models, increasing customer intimacy, and the mass market needs to catch-up while it can.

At the same time, IoT technology offerings have ballooned in recent years to support the evolving market with considerable investment from venture capitalists and mega-technology companies. It is in this environment that we are extremely proud that our continued leadership has been recognized by MachNation for the fifth consecutive year.

With Cumulocity IoT, we make the adoption of IoT easy; no matter the size, market or where the customers are in their IoT journey. Cumulocity IoT is open, independent, agnostic, and ready to be used immediately. This rating as a leading vendor gives our customers the reassurance they want - that they have a strong partner in their path to success.”

The Cumulocity IoT platform operates across cloud, on premises and at the edge. It allows customers to prove end-to-end business concepts quickly with a handful of “Things” and rapidly scale deployment to over twenty global data centers while connecting with telco grade reliability. It provides total freedom and choice in designing, building, deploying and upgrading IoT solutions and services. The platform comprises a range of pre-packaged solution accelerators, self-service access to wide-ranging IoT capabilities such as Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance and Track & Trace, as well as quick and easy device and sensor management, thus bringing the worlds of IT and operational technology (OT) together.

Further details about Cumulocity IoT can be found here. A complete overview of Software AG’s IoT offering is available at

For further details, the MachNation Scorecard can be downloaded here.