Almost all organizations are investigating, or already leveraging, the cloud for off-loading IT systems. However, deploying integrations to the cloud can be complex. Working with cloud platform providers, managing Docker containers and connections between then, installing and maintaining software versions, scaling for demand, and keeping applications up to date is time-consuming and error-prone.

Written by David Overos

Developing sophisticated integrations in the cloud can be easier using tools like webMethods Designer for creating, orchestrating, testing, and debugging sophisticated business logic. Professional developers who create high-performing, complex applications with webMethods Integration Server require the advanced capabilities offered by the Eclipse-based Designer tool. Many of these developers prefer to deploy on premises so they can use development tools like Designer that meet their needs.

To add to the challenge, most organizations have a large number of existing integrations that are already deployed. If new projects are deployed in the cloud but older integrations continue to reside on premise, IT must work in two different modes. The ideal solution would be to have a professional development tool that can deploy your existing integrations to the cloud AND create new integrations in the cloud without creating additional work for the IT organization.

This is why webMethods Integration Cloud now enables cloud deployment of new or existing on-premises integrations using webMethods Designer. Cloud deployment unlocks the power of API and DevOps-led integration, enabling organizations to build, test, connect and deploy their enterprise-scale software and applications quickly in an automated fashion, and then simplifies the process of deploying these integrations to the cloud.

In this release of webMethods Integration Cloud, we want to help our customers do two things really well:

Develop their applications wherever they want – on-premises or in the cloud – or even a hybrid of the two.

Deploy their existing or new applications directly in the cloud, providing them with cloud capabilities that reduce ongoing TCO (total cost of ownership).

webMethods enables enterprises to develop and secure their applications on-premises or in the cloud, and also deploy to the cloud with all the benefits of cost efficiency, security, and flexibility. It is a fully managed platform with all software maintenance, updates, and changes handled by Software AG.

This means our customers can focus on implementing their integration projects with greater speed and flexibility, while we maintain the underlying system, thus playing an increasingly important role in their business success. This is why you can leave your cloud integration to us.