webMethods.io Integration is improving all the time. We have been hard at work, making the integration platform easier to use for all teams, including business users and tech-savvy individuals.

In line with this, we have introduced a brand new feature called Premium Connectors in the orchestration UI’s Connectors panel to help make workflow building more seamless for all users.

Premium Connectors make integration easier than ever before by giving you more control over your workflows. Using them, you can build smarter workflows that do all your work for you.

These connectors come with advanced functions that allow you to create custom actions and operations. To start using Premium Connectors in your workflows, all you need to is drag them to the canvas from the Premium section listed under the Connectors menu. All Premium connectors are represented by a star symbol.

As of today, webMethods.io Integration offers 28 Premium connectors.

Here are some of them:

  • Apache Solr Search
  • CloudStreams Connector for Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB
  • CloudStreams Connector for NetSuite
  • Coupa
  • Cumulocity
  • Google Apps Admin
  • Google Cloud PubSub
  • Magento eCommerce Platform
  • ServiceNow Enterprise Service Management, and more

To learn more about Premium Connectors, have a look at our Documentation site.


Note: The Premium category is exclusively available to trial users and paid accounts.