In addition to Connector Builder, we have released another great feature for the developers: FLOW EDITOR.

Are you wondering what Flow Editor is all about? Here is all the information you need:

With the help of Flow Editor, you can create complex integrations using a graphical drag and drop tool and use those integrations in your Integration workflows.

The Flow Editor comes packed with the following features:

  • Rich data mapping
  • A familiar debugging mechanism
  • A large collection of built-in services
  • Dashboards to monitor integrations

With this advanced feature, creating an integration is simple. It simply requires you to:

Step 1: Login to Integration instance

Step 2: Click App Switcher to launch the Flow Editor

Step 3: Create an Integration

Step 4: Use the Integration in your workflow

To learn how to create an integration using Flow Editor, read our Documentation or watch this video. In this guide on Flow Editor, you will find a simplified step-by-step procedure to create a sample integration, ‘CRMIntegration,’ which will query and list Salesforce accounts using a predefined operation, queryAccounts.