Having the power of choice is critical, especially in times of uncertainty - and these are certainly uncertain times we are living and working in.

One way we’re providing more choice here at Software AG is by giving you the option to host your integrations in a multi-cloud environment, allowing you the flexibility to meet new business demands. Admittedly, most businesses who use cloud services use more than one cloud provider. According to a recent Gartner survey of public cloud users, 81% of respondents said they are working with two or more providers.

The new release of Software AG’s webMethods.io Integration Platform-as-a-Service on Microsoft Azure is a prime example of a multi-cloud solution that provides another option for your integration needs. This iPaaS gives you the power of choice in your cloud infrastructure providers based on workload characteristics, which is exactly what integration specialists and developers need in order to create a cloud strategy that meets changing business requirements and scales accordingly.

For example, if you are receiving data from multiple applications in Microsoft Azure, you could run those integrations in the Microsoft Azure instance of webMethods.io. At the same time, another department within your company could use a different cloud provider’s services and host their integrations within the instance of webMethods.io specific to that cloud provider.

As workloads are handled closer to where your infrastructure is located, speed and quality are increased, allowing for a better cloud experience all around. This winning combination of industry-leading cloud platforms and Software AG’s integration expertise is just the kind of multi-cloud solution that you can leverage to stay competitive in the market and secure a future for your business.

Having options is powerful when you need reliable, quick and easy access to information and applications. At Software AG we are leading the way to provide you with the extra support you need to remain relevant and resilient.

And you can try webMethods.io Integration now for free here.

Anna Birdsall