Money makes the world go around - so when payments are deferred or uncollected, that is money you cannot use. The faster and more efficiently you can transact with customers and trading partners, the quicker you can get paid.

No wonder the concept of automating partner management has its roots dating back to the 1960s. And no wonder highly competitive, global organizations are always keen to evaluate the latest in B2B integration technology. B2B is all about speed, ease-of-use and accuracy for managing partners, their identities and communication preferences; making B2B transactions a snap.

Coming Thursday, July 18th, our latest live, DevCast Demo will provide webinar attendees the opportunity to experience Software AG’s new Cloud-based, B2B solution, B2B.

The demo, conducted by product manager John Wilson, will show how to create links to, and maintain your trading partners in just a few clicks – as well as how to easily monitor and trace documents through each step of the B2B transaction process. For even better visibility, we’re delighted to debut our B2B Cloud solution’s fresh new look and user-experience.

The solution’s visual clarity and ease of navigation supports quick onboarding capabilities, allowing users to define partner identities and contact details in minutes. This includes enabling users to maintain partner preferences for channels (EDI transmission formats) and standards.

If you would like to see B2B in action, please register here.

Charlie Greenberg - July 12, 2019