Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) announced today that Gartner, Inc., a leading industry analyst firm, named Software AG a Leader in its 2018 “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools,” published on October 22, 2018*. This is the eleventh consecutive year that Gartner named Software AG a Leader after assessing the company’s Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) product.

Darmstadt, Germany

Dr. Wolfram Jost, chief technology officer and member of the Board, Software AG, noted: “We are delighted with this result. I believe Software AG’s continued leadership in the Gartner Magic Quadrant demonstrates our ability to respond swiftly with modern solutions for our customers’ digital transformation programs. To us, this Gartner Magic Quadrant reaffirms Software AG has the best vision for enterprise architecture and has added unique, new features in its Alfabet software that are aimed at ensuring our customers can manage their IT strategy and business strategy efficiently and effectively.”

There are five major elements in the latest release of Software AG’s Alfabet enterprise architecture management software (R10.3):

Automated Data Translation – This provides ease of adoption and increased productivity for users working with the product in federated, multinational environments. It enables the use of machine translation services such as Google Translate®, Amazon Translate®, and DeepL® Translator to automatically translate user interface elements into any language at minimal cost and effort. This allows users to work in a language familiar to them, which can significantly increase information contributions from subject matter experts and greatly improve information quality – both critical requirements for decision-support;

Microsoft PowerPoint® Publication Facility – This new functionality enables the production of high-quality documents for executives leveraging the flexible layout features in MS PowerPoint and complemented with visualizations and dynamic data content from Alfabet;

Automated Assistants – New pop-up windows with informative content of any type are available to provide context and guidance for the occasional user for any task at hand. These could provide guidance and context on the digital infrastructure, business and IT transformation, or guide the user towards specific business goals;

Integration with Jira Agile project management and issue tracking – This helps developers strategically navigate product backlogs across product boundaries with confidence and make quick decisions on what to develop, thus ensuring they achieve their desired business goal;

Demand-to-Feature Backlog Transition – This enables agile development teams to directly translate business demands for digital products and services into backlog features for accelerated digital innovation.

Jost continued: “We believe that Software AG has been both a Leader in the market for the past eleven years, and has been a major force in shaping the market for EA tools through our continuous delivery of new, ground-breaking features with every release. Furthermore, Alfabet was the first product in the market to leverage enterprise architecture as a foundation for strategic IT planning and IT porfolio management, and continues to be essential for digital transformation projects.”

The new Alfabet software release integrates seamlessly with Software AG’s webMethods Trading Networks – an enterprise-class B2B gateway for automating B2B transactions (e.g., purchase requisitions, orders and invoices), and for doing business electronically with customers, distributors and trading partners worldwide. Trading networks are an essential and sizable part of the enterprise landscape for most supply chain dominated businesses in industries, for example Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Logistics or Pharmaceutical. The Alfabet software enables customers to automatically glean the trading networks’ aspects of the enterprise landscape from the integration meta and runtime data. This removes the need for continuous manual data capture, significantly increases information accuracy, and provides critical performance measurement for dynamic portfolio decisions and planning dialogs.

With Alfabet (release 10.3), Software AG continues to validate its market leadership with new leading edge features that speak to market imperatives.

The Gartner report notes: “The Leaders in our 2018 Magic Quadrant demonstrate clear support for delivering business-outcome-driven EA, modeling and analysis. The Leaders also demonstrate a clear vision of the direction and maturation of the EA discipline, as well as its relevance for digital business today and in the future. The Leaders are responding to the needs of leading EA practitioners that Gartner highlights in its research. Leaders provide mature offerings that meet market demand, and they demonstrate the vision necessary to sustain their market positions as requirements evolve. Leaders focus on and invest in their offerings to such a degree that they lead the market and can affect its overall direction as their offerings evolve. Leaders typically possess a large (relative to the size of the market), satisfied customer base and are well-known in the market. Their size and financial strength enable them to remain viable in a challenging economy. Leaders typically respond to a wide market audience by supporting broad market requirements. However, they may fail to meet the specific needs of vertical markets or other more specialized segments.”

A complimentary copy of the report is available here.

*Gartner, ”Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools”, by Samantha Searle and Marc Kerremans, 22 October 2018. Prior to 2012, Software AG was listed as alfabet.