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Home for Integration help. The place where you’ll find out how to manage the complete journey of your integrations on cloud.


Resources to improve your knowledge. Integration Basics

Understanding Integration. Integration Workflows

Working with Workflows. Integration for Developers

Developer Guide. Connector Builder Guide

Build Custom Connectors using Node.js.

NetSuite and Salesforce Account Integration

Integrating NetSuite and Salesforce on Integration.

Video Tutorials

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Easy to Use Interface

The video gives an introduction to the micro features available in the Integration canvas and explains how to use them.

Project Parameters

The video provides a brief explanation about Project Parameters and discusses how a user can work with them.

HTTP Request

The video gives an introduction to the HTTP Request action available in the Integration canvas and shares an example on how to use this action using the GET Method.

Custom Action with Node.js

With custom actions, you can now create your own actions using Node.js action. Watch the video to understand how the custom action works and also, how to create custom action with Node.js with the help of an example.

Nested Loop

Nested Loop allows users to create loop within loop to build complex workflows. In this video we will understand how to configure a nested loop with the help of an example.


The tutorial gives an introduction to the Monitor feature in Integration and discusses how to use the different sections available under this feature. Integration Video Tutorials

A YouTube playlist comprising of videos describing various aspects of Integration.

Additional Resources

Additional Integration resources.

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