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Building REST APIs Using Integration Cloud

In this webinar, we’ll review the world of web APIs and tour how to build RESTful APIs in Integration Cloud. Additionally, we’ll share how API First Development unlocks the true potential of your integration business logic and services.

Quickly Adopt Google APIs with webMethods Integration Cloud

In this session you will learn how Integration Cloud helps you integrate these services with cloud based applications without writing any code. Simply connect and configure your integrations right in the graphical browser UI.

How to Lift and Shift webMethods to the Cloud

In this session you will see how easy it is to lift your existing webMethods projects and then shift them to the cloud.

Enabling Salesforce Wave Analytics with Integration Cloud

Attend this demo and see how to: * Quickly integrate multiple sources of data from cloud and on-premises apps * Transform and enrich data in the cloud using webMethods Integration Cloud * Integrate with Salesforce Wave using Software AG’s out-of-the-box connector.

Integrate Cloud Apps Without Coding with Software AG’s webMethods Integration Cloud

Integrate cloud applications with webMethods Integration Cloud.