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Resources to improve your knowledge. B2B basics

Understanding B2B.

Working with B2B Connector

Working with B2B Connector. B2B Transaction Monitoring

How to monitor your B2B transactions. B2B create processing rules

Learn how to create processing rules in B2B. B2B tutorials and guides

Learn more about B2B with our in-depth tutorials and guides.

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Introduction to B2B

The video gives an introduction to the features available in the B2B and explains how to use them.

Setting up tradings partners in B2B

The video provides a brief explanation on how to setup trading partners in B2B.

Processing rules with B2B

The video gives an introduction to the various processing rules that can be setup in B2B.

How to import and edit document types in B2B

This video explains how you can import and edit the various document types supported by B2B.

5 best practices to maximize your B2B integration

This video discusses the best practices involved with B2B.

Certificate management with B2B

Here, you will learn how to manage certificates associated with B2B.

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Additional B2B resources.

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