User documentation

Read about the concepts behind Cumulocity IoT and get detailed advice on using our standard applications (Cockpit, Device Management and Administration) and on using various optional services.

Concepts guide

The architecture and technical concepts behind Cumulocity IoT. Intended for anyone technically interested in the machine-to-machine application platform.

User guide

Core, in-depth explanation on using the Administration, Cockpit and Device Management applications and various optional Cumulocity IoT services through the GUI.

Device guides

Collection of a large amount of device types with guaranteed plug-and-play compatibility and full functional support in the Cumulocity IoT platform.

Cumulocity IoT Edge

How to install, run and operate Cumulocity IoT Edge, the local version of Cumulocity IoT.

Developer documentation

Learn about developing and deploying applications on top of our IoT platform, integrating IoT data sources with our platform or creating your own real-time analytics for your IoT solutions.

Reference guide

Detailed technical specifications of the programming interfaces of Cumulocity IoT as a reference for software developers.

Microservice SDK guide

How to develop and deploy microservices on top of Cumulocity IoT using the Microservice SDK.

Device SDK guide

How to integrate IoT data sources with the Cumulocity IoT platform.

Web SDK guide

How to use the Web SDK to extend applications with your own plugins, add your own applications or implement further functionalities tailored to your use case.

Analytics guide

Basics for understanding how to create your own analytics or other business logic in Cumulocity IoT with Apama EPL.

Release notes


Release notes

Find detailed information on new features, improvements and fixes implemented in each single Cumulocity IoT release, including maintenance releases.



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