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Getting Started with Alfabet Cloud Basic

No time to determine the relevant evaluation criteria, measurement KPIs, data collection templates and reports you need? No problem–we’ve done the prep work for you. Alfabet Cloud Basic’s value case-based approach has its foundation in years of experience and peer surveys to provide the most commonly needed analyses.

Application Business Dependency Assessment

The Application Business Dependency Assessment value case demonstrates how business capabilities are supported by applications, and identifies inadequate application risk profiles. Spot dangers to pre-empt potential image damage and reparation costs. Identify applications that provide more risk protection than you need to lower operation and maintenance costs.

Application Health Assessment

The Application Health Assessment value case aims to identify applications in need of modernization due to age and poor performance. This value case evaluates: business relevance, cost rating, functional distinction, operational simplicity, recoverability, technical coherence and usage level. Portfolio analysis clearly shows which applications should be re-platformed, retained or replaced.

Application Information Dependency Assessment

The Application Information Dependency Assessment identifies application inter-dependencies based on the information being exchanged. Given the intricacy of information dependency, the risk may be significant for an organization. Asking questions such as: “Which information feeds are critical for an application?” and “Are applications with high information dependency supporting mission-critical business processes?” helps identify risky behavior.

Application Investment Assessment

The Application Investment Assessment value case uncovers deviations between the recommended investment levels and the actual plans associated with them. The investment ratings for the applications in each individual application portfolio are shown with the projects they are involved in–making it simple and easy to assess if investment levels are appropriate.

Data gathering

Gather the right information to understand the situation and be able to see where the exceptions are. Alfabet Cloud Basic provides a simple, data gathering facility in addition to allowing for the straight-forward editing of objects. Pre-defined indicators are a pragmatic way to get to meaningful analyses quickly. Alfabet Cloud Basic even provides recommended actions for identified hotspots.