Product tutorials

Watch this video series to see how easy it is to manage your IT portfolio with Alfabet FastLane.

Get started with your IT portfolio management practice

Zero configuration and implementation time as well predefined queries and reports. Easily upload and maintain your portfolio data. See what’s hindering agility and eating up budget in minutes.

Rationalizing your IT portfolio costs

With Alfabet FastLane, you have the ability to analyze your organizational cost drivers. Being able to find out the most expensive capabilities based on their operational expenditure (OpEx) will allow you to rationalize your portfolio in no time!

IT Portfolio Data Export & Import

Alfabet FastLane acknowledges that data import from various data sources is key to get going quickly, therefore data import is supported by pre-configured data template files. Learn how easy and fast you can get your data into Alfabet FastLane.

Build up IT Portfolio Landscape

Your application landscape is an important aspect - one that helps you in determining your portfolio roadmap. Alfabet FastLane enables you to break down your organizational structure into business capabilities and sub capabilities – thereby creating your IT Portfolio landscape.

Fact sheet / e-Book

Get a more detailed overview on Alfabet FastLane.

Alfabet FastLane Fact sheet

Get to know more about the key benefits and features how to manage your IT portfolio in the cloud – in minutes!

Alfabet FastLane e-Book

Learn how to make IT the engine for innovation.