Very fast time to market

Adoption of the fully customisable, ready-made software allowed the Trackerando branded tracking service to be available in only 6 weeks

Local deployment in Germany

Ensuring data management can be managed to local regulations and allaying any local consumer privacy concerns

Cost-effective solution

Fully transparent set-up and usage-based monthly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fee.
Bodo Erken

Software AG’s open Cumulocity IoT platform allowed our fully tailored solution to be delivered within 6 weeks and also allows us to easily extend to non-tracking services in the future.

Bodo Erken, CEO Trackerando
Amparos is a leading German GPS tracking solution provider combining high-quality products with an individual service – nothing is more important than for the customer to feel comfortable with its GPS trackers.

In the last 5 years the personal tracking device market has become increasingly competitive with a proliferation of low-cost devices becoming available.

Business need

The growth of Amparos’ customer base put significant pressure on the team developing and maintaining their in-house built tracking software system. This combined with the never-ending demands to support new features and new devices in a stable and reliable manner meant that considerable effort was spent on operational rather than value adding activities.

Amparos recognised that this presented an opportunity to adopt an IoT platform - to reduce development and maintenance costs, increase scalability and flexibility and maintain security and privacy levels – and that this opportunity could also aid them improve the degree of online service interactivity to that the high level which consumers now demand. The new German cloud based consumer tracking solution was launched under the Trackerando brand.


Online services for consumer products
Software AG customized and extended the cockpit application specifically for Trackerando’s requirements and allowed the display of location tracking relevant smart rules including geo-fencing alerts and alarms.

  • Dedicated Edition of the Cumulocity IoT Platform
  • Deployed in German cloud data centre
  • Fully branded Trackerando
  • User interface customised for multi-tiered consumer proposition
  • Integration and zero-touch registration of Trackerando tracking devices
  • Fully integrated to Trackerando’s online registration and payment systems
  • Formulation and deployment of geo-fencing and proximity based business rules
  • Android and iPhone smart phone app
  • Set up and available in 6 weeks