Cost-effective service improvement

Considerably improved service levels through the prediction of faults with the detailed diagnostics of each predicted fault

Operational cost savings

Precise customisations of the steam generators can be performed depending on what quantities of steam are required, saving both fuel and money

Very fast time to market

Adoption of the fully customisable, ready-made software allowed CERTUSS to focus on the value adding activities for their customers and their business
Thomas Hamacher

With data analytics on the CERTUSS traces, service reliability and product innovation can progress in new ways. We will be able to interpret real time data, predict machine health issues and incorporate in field usage data into product design.

Thomas Hamacher, CTO Certuss
CERTUSS was founded in 1957 with the goal to manufacture reliable, low-noise steam generators, easy to maintain and for continuous operation, while using the water-tube boiler principle – the most common method of steam generation worldwide.

CERTUSS machines steam sterilize surgical instruments, brew sausages and moisten plastics in the production. The generators are often hidden, frequently a basement, and are not directly visible but are very much relied upon.

Business need

CERTUSS steam generators perform a critical part of larger processes, with any fault resulting in a performance reduction or outage having an immediate and significant impact on the output, wastage or treatment of this larger process.

CERTUSS customers rely on the continuous operation of the steam generators and CERTUSS sought a cost effective and non-intrusive way to protect their equipment from failure.


Real-time analytics & predictive maintenance

CERTUSS adopted, branded and configured the Cumulocity IoT platform to focus on the predictive maintenance of the steam generators, collecting considerable amounts of data from a total of 60 parameters such as pressure, temperature, combustion conditions and water level on the machines.

  • Cumulocity IoT Platform Tenant
  • Fully rebranded CERTUSS
  • Real-time monitoring of 60 operational parameters on each steam generator
  • Online storage and on-demand distribution to CERTUSS’s business analysis system
  • Rapid deployment and refinement of fault detection and prevention business rules
  • Remote configuration of industrial steam generators
  • Customised management, operational and technical dashboards
  • Plug and play machine integration with Cloud Field Bus

Cloud of Things